The Critters

We have cared for hundreds of needy dogs and cats in and around Mahajanga and the need only seems to increase.

This first image is of Bisquit, an owned dog whom I discovered several years ago while walking through the Ambovalanana part of Mahajanga. She had just given birth to puppies, was extremely thin and LOADED with fleas and ticks. Had I not intervened, I am sure she wouldn’t have survived.

Bisquit — one of my success stories. This is how she looked when we first met, two years ago.

Bisquit (beez-KWEE), two years later. You see how much better and happy she looks? One of the first things we did was to prevent her from getting pregnant (semi-annual Depo Provera shots), followed by monthly flea treatments. Her owners are delighted that she’s no longer a baby-making machine, and that she’s so much healthier.


My facilitator, Nazirah, and I keep a monthly calendar keeping track of which dogs need vaccines, birth control, de-worming, and vitamins. We pay for all services, medications, and also provide needy owners with dog food if they aren’t able to afford to adequately feed their dogs.

Urgent pet needs are addressed as well. Owners know how to contact us and if they have a sick animal, or can no longer care for their animals, we will dispatch a veterinarian to their home or go pick up the animal. I have brought sick animals into my home, for weeks, while I nursed them back to health, finally returning them to their delighted owners. We also educate owners about proper ways to feed, house, and treat their animals.